Epur Nature is committed to the design, improvement and optimisation of new solutions that fulfill current and future environmental and economic requirements.

We created a culture of continuous collaboration with research institutes, institutional partners and industrial companies depending on activities to enable the development of innovative technologies and know-how sharing.

Epur Nature is regularly involved in french research programs with Irstea - French national research institute in sciences and technologies for the environment and agriculture- as well as European and international research programs in cooperation with industrial partners and research centers.

Some of our patents are the result of this research on the promotion of natural effluent depollution techniques.

  • Phragmifiltre® : 2-stage vertical flow reed bed filters fed with raw sewage, specific filtering media.
  • Bi-Filtre planté® : Compact alternative to Phragmifiltre®, stacking the first stage of treatment on top of the second one to reduce the footprint to 1.5 m2/P.E. and to improve the treatment surface with a total of 2.5 m2/P.E.
  • Traitement du Phosphore par l'Apatite®: Precipitation is promoted by specific materials-naturals phosphate rock with hight content of apatite.
  • Biho-filtre® : Compact  system stacking  a primary vertical freely drained primary filter
  • on a water-saturated secondary filter so as to improve the overall performance of nitrogen treatment (denitrification).

  • Combipur® : Compact system combining  a vertical flow Reed Bed Filter fed with raw sewage, a nitrifying trickling filter (NTF), a settling tank built into the trickling filter for a high level of nitrification.
  • Phragmicompostage® : Dewatering and mineralization on sludge drying reed beds for septage or sludge from treatment plants such as activated sludge installations.
  • Hydr'Epur® : Vertical flow reed bed filter for the storage and treatment of stormwater discharges –run-off and combined sewer overflow
  • AutoEpure® : Vertical flow reed bed filter system for on-site sanitation approved by the Ministry

precipitation is promoted  by specific materials -natural phosphate rock with high content of apatite