Ecological swimming

The idea for ecological swimming, inspired by the mountain lakes, requires several basins, adjacent or separated, one for swimming and others for water regeneration by plants and filtration.

Noiseless technical equipments –pumps, manholes and drainage systems- are located below a pontoon or in technical premises. They draw in water and send it on filtration devices.

The objective is to recreate the most diversified ecosystem with plants such as rush, water lilies and sedge...

The water flows through the shallow regeneration basin, being warmed by pebbles and through filtrating gravel before ending its journey in the swimming “pool”, thus providing crystal clear water without the use of chemical products.

This process promotes a return to nature and the development of animal and plant life without bothering the swimmers.

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EPUR NATURE is one of the five founding members of the French Association for Biological Swimming, a professional association.

See internet site of the French Association for Ecological swimming


EPUR NATURE develops solutions for projects contracted by the public sector and for projects with private ownership but semi-public use.

After more than 15 years of experience in natural wastewater treatment plants with more than 1000 references, EPUR NATURE has become very knowledgeable in designing and implementing effective, sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions.

For individual projects, we suggest you consult the website of BioTop 

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