Rainwater storage and treatment

Urban stormwater may seriously impact the management and the quality of water resources.

We participate in research programs such as « Segteup » program (system to manage and treat urban rainwaters) together with IRSTEA and developed turnkey treatment solutions for run-offs, from design (tailor-made to adapt to local rainfall volumes and variations) to construction.

Our customers are industrial companies, associations, property planners and developers who may be looking for an improved management of run-offs as well as communities requiring an appropriate treatment for combined sewer overflow in order to protect the environment from severe contamination.

Our «HYDR’EPUR®» solution for storage and treatment of stormwater discharges applies for :

  • Rain water alone  : run-off (car parks, roads, roofs, etc…)
  • Combined Sewer Overflow

Syntea has more than 10 years of experience in this field. This enables us to guarantee a high quality discharge level.

Our system treats:

  • hydrocarbons (PAH), heavy metals (zinc, copper) and suspended solids (SS)
  • organic pollution (SS, COD, BOD5, TKN) from Combined Sewer Overflows.

A 3-stage method to retain the particle pollution and to treat dissolved pollution :

  1. Pre-treatment to retain coarse waste,
  2. A buffer zone for settling and storage of rainwater,
  3. A filtering/purification zone using a vertical flow reed bed filter.

Treated water is sent to the natural environment in compliance with local regulations requirements.

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Some references of run-offs and stormwater spillway overflow treatment plants :

ZAC Envignes

Envignes business park in Neydens (74)

Project management SINT: storage and treatment of rainwater generated over a 90 ha catchment area (road RN 201 + business park).

  • 1200 m² reed bed filters
  • 3700 m3 retention

In operation since 2001



Maourine Park, Toulouse(31)

Designed by SINT and constructed by EPUR NATURE :

Reed bed filter integrated into the Maourine park for the treatment of raining overflow of the combined sewer system for the whole urban area.

In operation since 2003



ZAC de la Fouillouse à Saint Priest(69)

Project management SINT : reed bed filter for storage and treatment of run-offs from the business park.

  • Rainwater collected by a shallow ditch
  • Settling lagoon with an outlet scum-baffle
  • 400 m² reed bed filter
  • Additional retention and infiltration

In operation since 2006


ANRCraponneANR CRAPONNE (69), SEGTEUP program

>Design and Build EPUR NATURE: storage and treatment of rainwater from stormwater spillway overflows.

  • Research program in cooperation with IRSTEA and GRAND LYON
  • 9 experimental pilots of 24 m2

In operation since 2011




Design and Build EPUR NATURE: storage and treatment of rainwater from stormwater spillway overflows

  • Project Management : GRAND LYON
  • Treatment capacity : 4800 m3 (ten-year rain)

In operation since 2012



Design and Build EPUR NATURE – SOGEA ORLEANS : storage and treatment of car park run-offs

  • Treatment capacity : 12 000 m3 (hundred-year rain)

In operation since 2014