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The research projects :


Optimisation of reed bed filters yields (especially on total nitrogen and phosphorus) through special projects

SLASORB ( http://www.smn.fr/z-ener/slasorb/ ) or ( http://www.afoco.org/img/fichiers/file/ARCELOR%20MITTAL%20(SUITE).pdf ), in cooperation with the Nantes School of Mining (Ecole des Mines de Nantes) is a EUROPEAN research project on wastewater treatment using steel slag for phosphorus removal. It is being funded by the European Commission’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS).

  • Compact solutions : Bi-filtre planté®, Biho-filtre® -system stacking a primary vertical freely drained filter on a water-saturated secondary filter so as to improve the overall performance of nitrogen treatment (denitrification), Combipur®.
  • SEGTEUP project(treatment of rainwater and overflow from storm spillways in cooperation with CEMAGREF (website ANR SEGTEUP).(see ANR SEGTEUP web site).
  • Adaptation of the solutions to tropical climates (West Indies, sub-Saharan countries…)



Trade marks and patents :

  • Bi-filtre planté® (N° brevet : EP1674430) : compact solution with 1st stage stacked on second stage of tratment.
  • Biho-filtre® : compact solution dedicated to denitrification.
  • AutoEpure® (N° brevet : 0757890) : storage and treatment of stormwater.
  • Fossé filtrant (N° brevet : 00852324) : polishing treatment.
  • Claripur (N° brevet : 0852320) : compact solution.


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Optimisation of reed bed filters yields  (especially on total nitrogen and phosphorus) through special projects