Since 1999, Epur Nature is the pioneering company for treatment of domestic waste water using constructed wetlands in France. It makes its expertise available to public and private sector players who are seeking reliable, durable, economic and environment-friendly solution.

Epur Nature has also developed compact ecological systems capable of meeting the needs of sites where the available land is limited.

More than 1000 plants with a capacity of 20 to 6,000 People-Equivalent for public and private sector organizations demonstrate every day the effectiveness of the systems we supply.

Epur Nature also operates in specific fields such as treatment of industrial or specific effluents, treatment of rainwater, sludge, septage and natural swimming areas.

We have a global environmental approach when designing our plants, selecting for instance high quality materials and choosing available local resources. Our Life Cycle Analysis approach, our commitment to protect ecosystems and our permanent search for continuous improvement contributed towards an ISO 14001 certification, renewed since 2008.

Syntea group

Main strength for Syntea is to offer both expertise and experience in different specific activities.

Epur Nature is one of the historical companies of Syntea together with Agro Environnement. Each company is well identified in France through its specific know-how :

For Epur Nature : treatment of domestic waste water from public sector (villages, eco districts) and private sector organisations (resorts, hotels, camp sites), sludge and septage treatment, rainwater treatment, creation of natural swimming pools.

For Agro Environnement:   treatment of effluent from food-processing industry, distilleries, effluents from wine production and crop protection.

Syntea also offers solutions for the treatment of specific industrial effluents, for instance for the petrochemical industry.

Our companies take advantage of their experience feed-back upon 1500 references in France and on an international scale and their strong presence on the market.