Sanitation for private communities

Epur Nature developped specific solutions for the treatment of waste water from private communities such as campsites, leisure resorts, hotels and restaurants, private housing estates, retirement homes…), in order to adapt to small surfaces and to integrate the seasonality variations.

Design and build activities are made in compliance with local current legislation.:

In France : June 22nd 2007 directive concerning collection, transportation and treatment of collective wastewater as well as their operation and efficiency, and on-site sanitation systems treating more than 1.2 kg/day of BOD5 or more than 20 People-Equivalent pollution.

Les solutions techniques proposées

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Some references :

  • Campsite "Les Pommiers" in the French departement of Ardèche : 610 locations, 2500 People-Equivalent Wastewater treatment solution type Phragmifiltre®with 2 vertical stages
  • Campsite of Port l’Epine in the French departement of Côtes d’Armor160 locations, 650 People-Equivalent Wastewater treatment solution type Activated Sludge with adaptation to seasonality variations.