Activated sludge and septage treatment

Reed bed filters have also been used increasingly in France since the 90’s for activated sludge and septage treatment.We have been part of these developments since the beginning.

Activated sludge treatment

A traditional wastewater treatment plant separates wastewaters into clean waters, that are discharged into the environment, and sludge that has to be dehydrated before being spread or used as compost, e.g. by filtering through sludge drying reed beds.

It is admitted that reduction of the amount of sludge occurs in Sludge Drying Reed Beds both with dewatering (drainage and evapotranspiration) and aerobic mineralization.

“An optimized design and a strong operating assistance given by Epur Nature make this process a reliable and sustainable sludge treatment technology”.

Some Epur Nature references in this field :

  • Cheval Blanc
  • L'Escarène

Septage treatment

Septage is usually concentrated matter that the cesspool cleaner removes from the septic tank for people having on-site sanitation. The septage is generally transported for treatment to large urban stations (>10,000 PE) but can also be treated in special installations that use the Drying Reed Bed (DRB) principle. For communities without a sludge purification station, the DRB system offers a certain degree of independence and an ecological solution for treating this by-product.

Some references :

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